Forging New Paths

A Letter From Our Founder

Conforming and following the crowd has always felt foreign to me. Growing up, I excelled academically and in sports, but I rejected peer pressure, avoided the “must attend” parties, and felt most at home with wise adults or alone developing my mind and physical fitness. People thought I fit in, but inside, I marched to the beat of a different drum and yearned for something different.

I was the Student Council President, awarded class salutatorian and recognized as the only freshmen from our class to letter on the varsity football team—but that didn’t satisfy me. While at Wharton, I co-founded a business fraternity and re-founded a social fraternity—despite the fact that U-Penn offered dozens of established alternatives. The organizations I co-founded operated differently and were built on upright values and distinctive excellence. Later, during the “Internet Boom,” I was a key employee who contributed to a new and exciting industry (today known as online food delivery).

I’ve always wanted to be the best—but that was a status I wanted to define for myself.
I wanted to provide something new to the world, something that was missing.

In 2017, after spending more than a decade at one of the world’s largest financial institutions (and feeling somewhat suffocated by oppressive regulations and industry standards), I broke free to join a fellow pioneer—a young, bold and visionary wealth management firm, which is now among the nation’s most respected and transformative. But how did Steward Partners grow so quickly? Why was I positive this was the right partnership? Because of our shared values and culture, our passion for pursuing unprecedented excellence. At Key Sage and at Steward Partners, we’re not afraid to unlock new doors and establish new standards. We forge new paths and journey roads less traveled, all so we can reach exciting destinations others have not dared to discover.

Michael J. Germano, IV