Pillars of Our Practice

Attentive Insight

When we work with you, we listen, asking insightful questions so we can unpack your motives, fears, risk tolerance and dreams. We learn without judgment, getting to know you and your business on a deep level so we can help you plan accordingly. We consider our work together more “life management” than “wealth management,” so we cover all the bases when reviewing your goals and expectations.

 Our Guidance

You deserve to thrive in every sense of the word, so we recommend resources to support your financial goals, business endeavors and personal life—whether that’s a referral to a tax advisor, a program that could help grow your business, or a podcast to help you find balance in the midst of your busy career. Our guidance goes beyond typical financial advice; we think outside the proverbial box, establishing systems and proposing creative solutions to enhance your wealth, your business and your life.


At Key Sage, we don’t believe in red tape or useless meetings. We want you to have access to the resources you need right when you need them. We encourage mutual growth and we arrange meaningful introductions for you to strategic and tactical professionals, relevant stakeholders and prospective clients—helping you unlock new opportunities, build strategic relationships and tap into your greatest potential.

Unbiased Guidance

We’re not your family or friends, and in this case, that’s a good thing. Our priority is caring for our clients —and because we’re experienced professionals in a completely independent firm, there are no conflicts of interest or relational complexities to get in the way of clear, honest advice. We offer untainted feedback and solutions, and we help you get exactly where you want to go in the way that works best for you.

Empathetic Creativity

As the brilliant Dr. Stephen Covey advised, we “seek first to understand, then to be understood.” By getting to know you on a personal level, we deliver a one-of-a-kind wealth management experience that addresses your core desires, fears and preferences. Our goal is to help you optimize both your financial world and your personal life, helping you close the gap between potential and reality—and we do so by providing creative solutions that align with your risk tolerance, timeline and comfort level.